Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Good or bad I want you to gossip!

By Jon Paget
10 lessons for generating buzz - from Emanuel Rosen

I recently attended a seminar with Emanuel Rosen, considered one of the leading experts in word of mouth, or buzz, marketing.
Buzz has become so important (in large part thanks to how easy it now is to pass and share content and opinion online) that I felt compelled to share with you the 10 key points (along with my comments) to maximise your chances for creating your own buzz:
1) Make it easy to spread the word – such as having share options on your website with links to bookmarking sites
2) Create opportunities for visual buzz – such as packaging, bags etc (think Harrods – everyone goes for the bag)
3) Give your target market something to talk about – rumours of a new product (think Apple and their tablet rumours)
4) Encourage participation – this could be as diverse as holding a seminar to offering downloadable logos (think Earth Hour)
5) Encourage self expression – This is what Earth Hour did so well. By making their logo downloadable they encouraged enthusiasts to devise their own campaigns
6) Tell a good story – Tom’s shoes has a great story. For every pair of shoes sold, they give away a pair to impoverished children
7) Work with hubs – make sure you raise awareness to others who have influence
8) Seeding – know who you’re targeting and how your market is segmented
9) Uneven distribution of information – a small number (as a proportion of the whole) of influential people know something others don’t (think Harry Potter and the small number of fans invited to advanced screenings)
10) Stimulate interaction – such as twestival (the local annual offline event for twitter fans)
Buzz affects every business, irrespective of industry. From a doctor’s practice to health clubs – word of mouth is having a profound impact on your business. And, it’s not just those who use your products and services that affect buzz. 30% of your products'/services' buzz will come from people who have never used it.
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