Wednesday, 4 November 2009

4 year old beats grown man

By Jon Paget

I found myself in London’s Apple store over the weekend, desperate to test the new iMac. Through the crowds of people I spotted a pair of eyes, small hands and half a crop of brown hair. As I walked round the table I saw a 4 year old stood on a box engrossed in a game online.

She was doing rather well…

Fast forward 6 hours and I was sat on a train listening to hip hop. Not deliberately of course, the 20 something man was generous enough to share it with the rest of us in the carriage. Whilst admiring the music I noticed it came from a 1990s walkman. I had believed them to be long since extinct. 

I then thought back to the Apple store and the comparison could not have been more stark. The technology gap which is currently emerging between the existing and next generation in the workforce is vast, even for those in their twenties.

Working with many SMEs I do understand the fears and reluctance that most companies have when considering online marketing and its investment – however just around the corner is a workforce that is keen and knowledgeable about working online and this means businesses are likely to follow suit.

With the thousands of contacts young computer users are now building recruitment, trade partners, customers and contacts will all be found and used differently. More specifically; socially.

Now with that in mind which of the two characters above does your business represent?
After all the gap is growing faster than you think.

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