Thursday, 13 August 2009

Blogging – why bother?

by Cristiane Morandin

Everybody nowadays seems to be blogging about something. Their business, children, pets, food taste, last night out, etc, and the themes are endless. You might be thinking, is this really necessary? I would say ‘Yes!’

There is no standard way to write a blog, but you will remember a good one when you read it. It gives you good information on a specific theme, something that you did not know before and you might even subscribe or follow to receive more of the same blog. And here you have the best reason why you should write one yourself!

Think of a blog as an extension to your current website and services. Use it to tell your existing and potential clients why it is important to use your services. Warning: blogs should not be used to sell anything! They are there to pass information and create interaction with your readers through their comments.

On the other hand, blogs are also fresh content to search engines, and they just love it! Write them well and the search engines will most likely find you through your articles.

Quick tips for good blogging:
  • Be informative and passionate
    This is your chance to show how well you know your industry and how much it matters to you.
  • Follow a schedule
    I know it’s not easy, but consistency is important. Posting an article today and the next in 6 months is not going to do any good. Minimum of once a month, more than that, whatever you decide, just stick to it.
  • Be clear and straight to the point
    There is nothing worse than start reading an article and don’t even know what it is about. Unless your audience is very specific, avoid acronyms or jargon.
  • Keywords and links
    By adding your keywords to them, search engines you will find you more easily and associate your blog to them. And don’t forget to link them to your website or everywhere else you want to.
  • Style consistency
    Everyone has a different way to write, and this clearly shows on your text. It’s always good to keep the same style, but if you have different people writing the content, it is very unlikely to happen. In this case, make sure to add the author’s name to each article which will actually make them more personal.
If you are up to the challenge but don’t have a blog facility on your website, there is no need to despair. There are free online tools such as and that allows you to create your blog(s). With a bit of tweaking you can have it looking like your website and even host all in the same place.
Blogging is about getting your opinion and knowledge known. Make good use of it!

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