Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Email marketing – does it still work?

Email marketing is not nearly as effective as it used to be few years back.

Maybe because we are all jaded from the hundreds of emails we receive every day or because web users are relying on more sophisticated channels and have started using RSS feeds and browsing the social networking sites to receive their updates.

Either way, just putting few paragraphs together and distributing them to your contacts is not enough to garnish positive results from your e-newsletter. You need to consider spending more time on the message and on cleaning your database of contacts in the first place.

Of course most small businesses don’t have the time for all this… email marketing is either not done well or not at all.

Today’s readers are inpatient. They prefer to scan through emails, if the subject line is interesting enough to open, and will only read what catches their eye. This is why newsletters should not contain the whole article, but just a taster, a title and subtitle or few lines which will filter those interested in the subject.

Even paired with images, which make the newsletter more eye-catching, it still is a numbers game combined with consistency.

Sending a newsletter once in a blue moon will not generate the same results as a monthly campaign, covering topics relevant to the business producing them.

Each newsletter should link to a website, blog, or RSS feed in order to achieve the most out of it. If you are selling products, it should promote the latest rage and offers listed on your website. If you are promoting services, then it should educate and create an interest in those services.

Email marketing is only a part of the arsenal of tools a business should use. Combined with a good and updated website, a blog, RSS feed or a profile on a social networking site, it will help increase the number of enquires your business receives, but don’t JUST reply on it or you may be disappointed.

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