Friday, 11 July 2008

Marketing and PR vs Recession – join the battle!

Isn't it strange how we drive ourselves into a recession by only just talking about it? British Chamber of Commerce predicts 3 months before we hit a recession, something, which was announced over the radio. Gordon Brown however stated that the economy in Britain is still strong with low unemployment rate, obviously trying to steer us out of it...

I urge you business owners... increase your marketing budgets and start spending!

Logically businesses should try to increase their sales by going into new markets, launching new services or products or just bringing in new customers. It’s time for a change as those who are still stuck to the ‘old’ ways or marketing and sales will soon find themselves in trouble.

Statistically, during such economic climates, businesses cut down on costs as much as possible in order to survive, including their marketing and PR budgets, even though this is the time when it’s VITAL to spend more on advertising! How else would one reach a wider audience and generate more sales?

There are plenty of buyers out there, the question is how to reach them in a most cost effective way and what product or service of ours would they like to buy at this moment in time... so business owners, lets start a trend and take advantage of the current economic gloom by inventing new ways to reach more clients.

Please share your marketing ideas, which you think will help.

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